In today’s financial technologies, integration has become a potential requirement for clients.

Integration can be a primary requirement

  • Integrate best practice analytical analyzing tools with trading engine
  • Integrate reliable data source with your analytical engine, customized solution.
  • Integrate rule-based & alert based system for better monitoring and secure trading.
  • Integrate third-party BackOffice
  • Many More……..

And it can be multiple Integration Requirement and so we are here to serve that. We have experience with analyzing requirements, providing optimized solutions.




We have already run a product list to suit the user requirement; in case the user needs to have customization to create a solution for the purpose. As a service, we offer a high level of customization based on requirements. This provides us more flexibility and adaptability to get adopted in the market.




Being a key financial technologies provider, we engaged with a lot of SMEs, Financial & technologies experts which inward can help our client to get consult to better optimize the technologies, infrastructure & deployment.

We believe to compete in the financial market; it’s not only to have a tune with the latest technologies but regular up-gradation & optimization with existing ones makes a huge difference to be part of the competition, manage low-cost execution. We have a team that can help to analyze and comment; provide a solution from end to end in running setups.

We offer consultancy in:

  • Software development & deployment
  • Infrastructure optimization for HFT, Quant.
  • Optimization and faster execution for strategy execution.