Good Practices of IT Equipment Disposal

If you were alive during the period when computers had not yet been introduced, then you will obviously be quick to indicate that such a rapid change is a highly hazardous one. With highly sophisticated equipment having been manufactured and coding implemented, there is a high probability that local governments or even the central government will not be able to cope with the problems inherent with them. There will be vast areas of wasteland that will be necessary for the setting up of new coding institutes, for the provision of technical assistance to affected areas, for the setting up of private coding institutes at the hub of these areas, as well as, possibly, government-sponsored enterprises at the area of origin. In the case of large scale enterprises, the amount of wasteland can be seriously augmented.

Today, about 1.5% of the total municipal waste production comes from electronic waste. Therefore, about 0.75% of the municipal waste produced daily in the US comes from electronic appliances. This means that electronic waste has a great density of dumped waste disposal areas, even though the actual disposal of such waste is still far from being organized. The reason for this is that, historically, Americans have been very good at moving housing household electronic devices in order to avoid large amounts of e-waste. This is still true in many developing countries.

E-waste and Its Impact on Our PlanetThe effects of e-waste on the environment are tremendous. E-waste is a by-product of the manufacturing process, of which it is a toxic byproduct. The byproduct of the manufacturing process is usually burned in landfills. The byproduct of any other activity, such as burning, may ultimately solve the e-waste problem.

This means that any attempt to eliminate the manufacturing process of e-waste must include measures to reuse and recover the manufacturing components.


The term recycling collected electronics usually refers to a process wherein old peripherals and other materials are collected and refurbished, thereby eliminating their resold value. This generally makes impossible the type of speculation mentioned above.


The complete list of electronics that could be reused includes telecommunication equipment, computers, cameras, printers, fax machines, mobile phones, electrical appliances, and so on. Once the above categories of electronics have been identified, there are additional categories of electronics that fall under the repeat Used category.

Repeat Used Electronics

Electronic devices that are only rarely used are placed in the Repeat Used category. Another electronic item in this category is the equipment which is to replace a broken or old electronic device. Electronic devices that are frequently used include MP3 players, back-up alarm systems, and so on.

In most countries around the world, even the broken remains of MP3 players, including those that are not actually used, are still popular. This could be possibly explained by the fact that MP3 players are in fact a type of music player since they allow people to enjoy their favorite music even when they do not have the appropriate CD to share with their friends.

Used mobile phones, digital cameras, and other electronics are still as good keeps as any other used item in the market. Once a person accidentally spills a liquid on these keeps, they simply have to behead the culprit and take the head to the nearest hospital to have it removed. Even if the person who has the original charger to this device calls the hospital before, it is possible to remove the original charger from the device.

The problem with most electronic devices that are used on a daily basis is that they are constantly getting used more than they are being used. With due respect to the dangerous nature of wires, they are in fact a major hazard on top of other materials that can possibly harm the person who has the original idea and is using the accessory. Just imagine for a moment what would happen if a person were to have an electrical accident in the middle of the night while traveling on a train or plane: the chances are that this person will not be having a lucid moment if they do not have the right accessories with them! Therefore, by adding tiny accessories that can serve as a replica of the original, the user can avoid any accidents that may happen.

Wireless headphones and headsets always make a person feel more relaxed and have been my constant companion since before the invention of the headphone. However, my obsession for having the most comfortable headphone that won’t fall out of the head while I’m walking never let me rest for a moment! Sometimes, I feel like I’mattersin a room full of people all listening to their own headphones. It’s really fascinating!

Originally, I bought a pair of headphones here which did not do what I wanted. The very first thing I wanted to do was to test them to see if I could hear anything through them.